While knowledge is limited, your imagination is endless.

Przemek Victor Pardel

(Polish version: O mnie)

TL;DR: My mission is to invent, design, implement and accelerate remarkable innovation breakthroughs to improve people’s lives and inspire future inventors

Greetings, my name is Przemek (Przemyslaw, Pshemek) Victor. I’m a polymath, visionary, scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, optimist & developer.

My technical background includes R&D project development (AI/ML), web and desktop application development and large-scale enterprise systems.

Today, I’m a Technology & Software Solutions global Lead in Google Developers Expert and Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem in Europe at Google (Area: Engineering).

I have an MBA and Ph.D. in computer science (AI/Augmented Reality/ML Image Recognition), and I had collaborated for many years with universities to teach science as an Assistant Professor. My past and current research interest focusing on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and business development.

I am a member of the Mensa International & Intertel High IQ Society. 


  • Singularity University (Exponential Technologies, September 2017, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, CA, US)
  • Polish Academy of Science (Executive MBA, April 2014, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Silesian University of Technology (PhD in Computer Science, January 2012)
  • Rzeszow University of Technology (MSc Eng. in Computer Science, June 2006)


  • Sumobot Champion – 1st place in the robots constructors championship at Singularity University, 2017
  • 1st place in Poland, 25th globally, JRS 2012 Data Mining Competition: Topical Classification of Biomedical Research Papers, 2012
  • Individual award for scientific achievements, University of Rzeszow, 2012
  • Individual award – International Math Kangaroo Contest, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Nicholas Copernicus in Toruń and sans Frontieres Kangourou Association, 1999

Professional experience

  • Google, Developer Relations, Engineering (Google Switzerland) (August 2016 – present)
    • Global Head of Membership, Developer Relations, Engineering at Google (August 2021 – present)
    • Technology & Software Solutions global Lead in Google Developers Expert (November 2018 – January 2021)
    • Head of Startup Developer Ecosystem – Europe (November 2018 – September 2021)
    • Regional Lead in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) (August 2016 – November 2018)
  • Photometer PRO, CEO & Founder (February 2016 – present)
  • Software Team Manager, Project Manager, MCX Systems (April 2015 – August 2016);
  • Chief technology officer (CTO), Team Manager, Positive Geeks (September 2015 – August 2016);
  • Assistant Professor, University of Rzeszow (October 2008 – August 2016);
  • Visiting Researcher, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia (Sep 2014 – Oct 2014);
  • Research Assistant, University of Warsaw, R&D project developer (AI/ML) & architect (October 2010 – October 2014);
  • CEO/CTO/Co-Founder, Team Manager, Factory117 (December 2013 – December 2014);
  • SPSS Poland – Senior Consultant for Analytical Systems Technology, Senior Software Developer, IBM (SPSS) (SPSS Poland) (October 2007 – October 2008);
  • Software Developer, SCC Soft Computer (SoftSystem sp. z o.o.) (March 2006 – October 2007);

Grants and research projects

  • National Science Centre grant DEC-2013/09/B/ST6/01568. University of Rzeszow, Interdisciplinary Centre for Computational Modelling, 2013-2016;
  • National Center for Research and Development Agreement No. SP/I/1/77065/10. University of Warsaw, 2010 – 2014,  SYNAT;
  • Grant support university research projects – Touch Interfaces in an augmented reality (AR), University of Rzeszow, 2012;

Side projects

Other activities

Gallup top 5 themes (2018)

  1. Futuristic.
  2. Strategic.
  3. Responsibility
  4. Activator.
  5. Ideation.

Interests, R&D

  • Artificial intelligence / Machine learning;
  • Image processing and analysis;
  • Medical applications;
  • Software engineering;
  • Project management;
  • Business management and optimization with using new technologies;
  • Augmented and virtual reality;


  • 3D modeling and animation;
  • Computer graphics;
  • Exercise;
  • Motorcycles;
  • Culture & History;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Watercolour;
  • Music;
  • Architecture;